Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

A Death in Transit

The Plot Thickens

Iskra and Mindy X. leave on a short vacation to see the local sights. The rest of the team hangs out around the Pariah, where Orly is still hiding and working on the ship. Corvus discovers that the Triad who he got the false ID from has some connections to the 14k triad, his enemies, but doesn’t seem to be a member, and the ID looks good, so he doesn’t worry too much.

Zanzibar works on making connections within the psych department at TAU, with some success. He, Anna, and Corvus debate what to include in the gatecrashing grant they are writing for Arturo Sandoval, but decide to wait for Iskra (and more info) before making any final decisions. Corvus also discovers some info about his last visit here, he appears to have arrived and left quickly similar to Anna, and tried hard to keep his presence and activities on the dl.

The team decides to investigate the death of their former proxie, Ben Johanssen a bit more. Anna discovers that he died in an ship explosion midway between Pandora and Titan. She gets the name of the ship, a tugboat, and Corvus hacks the company database. It seems the company only has the one ship, called ‘Tow the Line’, and does freelance space based scrap and salvage ops. Johanssen is not listed amongst the crew, although his name was oncluded in the news reports. Corvus finds records of what are referred to as ‘semi-regular bonuses’- the team deduces that Johanssen had a deal to travel surreptitiously aboard the ‘TTL’.

Corvus also finds that the job on which the crew was killed was a last minute addition to a return trip from Pandora, and that the hiring party was a ‘Mr and Ms Willaby’. Suspicious! It seems that 3 of the 5 crew have been resleeved, but the other two (and any ship replacement/repairs) are tied up in an insurance dispute. The wreckage of the ‘TTL’ is aboard a small asteroid that serves as an claims investigation site for the insurance company, Allspace.

Val calls in a favor, and helps Corvus gain admin access to the Allspace system. He creates freelancer accounts for the team, registers their ship as authorized to travel to the asteroid, and schedules their arrival. The team prepares to head out and investigate the wreck further.



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