Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

A Proposal

Explosive decompression & grant writing together at last!

The team, still minus Iskra, reunites with Zanzibar Tranh at the shuttle after their hacking expedition. Corvus and Anna Cornucopia fill everyone in. Corvus has hacked them access to the insurance wreck investigation asteroid, so they head off. The new tags and IDs for the Pariah all seem to work, so it seems Corvus’ dockside contact hasn’t betrayed him to the 14k, as least yet…

Arriving, Anna pulls up a local map and locates the wreck. They take a monorail to it, seeing only crab shaped synthmorphs on the way. Corvus knows that these are generally remote operated for investigations, but are also used for site security.

At the wreck, Zanzibar quickly recognizes that the TTL was destroyed by an internal explosion rather than external (as the newsfeeds claimed), proving their suspicions correct: sabotage! He also finds that the emergency vacsuits have been tampered with, and locates the damaged, but maybe usable, main computer. Corvus sets to work, and uncovers 2 video logs as well as scoring some Petal from a hidden smuggling compatment that he unlocks.

Zanzibar views the vids in simulspace to save time, and finds a suspicious edit in the internal one. He fast forwards to the same time on the (apparently hidden) external camera, and sees two figures that he recognizes as Mr and Ms Willaby entering and exiting the TTL while the crew is all absent. He also sees Ben Johanssen board shortly before takeoff, proof that he did indeed die in the explosion. That settled, they report back to Tor Dietrichson and put out a general request amongst contacts for any info on the Willabys.

The team returns to Titan and meets up with Val Balou to write the grant proposal for their gatecrashing expedition. After a series of edits, they get a draft they are content with, and the recently returned Iskra and Anna head over to Arturo Sandoval’s office to submit it. They encourage him to keep it extra quiet, and he assures them that he will. He still seems uninterested in their flirtations, but does seem quite excited about being the primary researcher on discoveries from a new gatesite.

The team prepares to head out, and tries to think of anything else they might need to visit an unknown exoplanet.



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