Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

Onwards and Outwards

The Gatecrash

The Pariah returns to Titan, sans Zanzibar Tranh and his unfortunate monkey Franklin. The remaining team joins back up with Iskra, recently returned from her pleasure cruise. Micha “Corvus” Ashland talks to Patrona Vazquez, filling her in on the demise of the greater part of the White Khans, and the escape (via emergency farcast) of Dexter Vo. She thanks them for the help, and seems alarmed when Corvus also warns her of the possible x-virus threat. Firewall reduces his rep for this. The team also informs Xiu’s Greenhouse that their dead have been avenged, and receive a message of thanks from Magnus Ming.

The ship docks and the team shops for appropriate gatecrash gear: survival kits, air supply, mapping and scout missiles, etc. Corvus gets in an alleyway brawl with some local 14k Triad who aren’t happy to see a Shui Fong on their turf. They also seem to hold a personal grudge, though Corvus, not having the memories of the previous self that was here, does not know why. Silver helps plot a parkour friendly escape route, and intercepts the triad while Orly fires up the ship for a quick takeoff. Anna Cornucopia waits aboard, providing cover on the door.

The team arrives safely, and they lift off, leaving an angry group of triad in their wake. They head for Pandora, and land at the local station. The gatekeepers make Corvus deactivate the reaper drone before allowing them aboard. They shuttle to the gate facility and chat with other crasher teams while awaiting their turn. Eventually they get called into the disinfectant chamber, get scrubbed with their gear, and head into the clean room. They watch as the linkup is made, and the usual first time procedures are followed. The opposite side appears to be in a wintry season, with low scrubby plant life clinging to rock. There is a small clearing centered on the gate. A storm obscures the stars and prevents astro-location. Sensing no immediate threat to their safety via the drones, the gatekeepers send the team through, telling them to rendevouz at the gate for check-in in three hours.



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