Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

Stellar Intelligentsia

Aboard "The Stars..." Swarm

Charlie Alpha Delta
Frederik Bo Severin Falk

Working on a lead from Amrita Shah, a few of the sentinels decide to contact Kalbir Singh, the de facto security head aboard the Swarm. He has intel that a Stellar Intelligence agent managed to secret themselves aboard during the stopover on Venus, and wants them to fish him out. Singh’s plan is fairly simple: using the sentinels, since they are new/relatively unknown locally, to act a an ultra-radical cell planning anti-corp strikes during the swarm’s voyage. if they play their parts convincingly enough, they should be able to lure out the SI plant.

They agree, and begin an agitprop campaign on social media, attracting attention both positive and negative. They post a “shit-list” of people aboard the swarm who have done the most trading with hypercorp entities, and get a flashmob to meet them and shut down one of their stalls. This gets them a lot of followers, especially some from Dr. Mindfuck’s camp, around whom opposition to the EDF Collective seems to have congregated. They also receive some negative attention from EDF and other swarm members who are trying to keep the piece, and view their actions as problematic to the social integrity of the swarm (as it was never fully autonomist, though it has always been guided by their principles).

They brashly bluff their way through a sort of staged intervention, with Singh working behind the scenes to prevent any serious sort of disciplinary decision. This gets them more followers from the more extreme groups, who appreciate them standing up to the somewhat entrenched EDF (who seem worried that this group’s shock tactics may distract from their more serious work of subverting hypercorps ideologically/memetically). The sentinels stage a protest art piece, with Iyspick operating a mock clinic to cure people of the hypercorp “sickness”, and Fred doing a faux-suicide piece where he blows everyone’s minds about the corps’ evil ways.

Meanwhile, Alpha films the whole thing and manages to get good facial reads on the various trolls, protesters, etc who show up (including the merchant they targeted earlier). Fred manages to shout down the opposing voices, netting them yet more followers, and hints that their next piece will be some sort of explosive direct action. Alpha runs facial recognition, and compares it to mesh traffic to their personal pages and their cell’s blog, and manages to determine that the SI agent has likely used Triad connections to gain a spot on one of the big cargo haulers.

The team makes a deal with the Triad to help them gain a foothold in the swarm (taking turf from the entrenched Bahala Na hasn’t been going very well), in exchange for subtly informing the SI agent that the sentinel’s faux-cell has a bomb-making workshop set up, and slipping him the location. It seems the SI agent isn’t an actual Triad member, so they are willing to sell him out for that price. Alpha also offers to help them crack any encrypted data they encounter.

They set an ambush, and still barely manage to defeat the SI agent, who is using some kind of electrical pain-inducer, seemingly attempting to incapacitate them (for questioning?). They manage to take him down without killing him, but Alpha notices some kind of quantum pulse as he passes out, so he may have had an emergency farcaster or the like. They pass him along to Singh, and brace themselves to do whatever the Triad asks….



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