Bannock Kohn

Black market profiteer


Kohn was, until recently, a shadowy player in the black market on Phelan’s End, a beehive habitat in the scum armada known as Phelan’s Recourse. Kohn specialized in enslaving infomorphs and working them continuously in time-dilated simulspace. When they lost their effectiveness as researchers, Kohn would use psychosurgery to damage their minds and make them complacent before transferring them into pleasure pods, for further abuse in his sex brothels.

Although locally well connected in criminal circles, and with some protection from local officials due to some of his research breakthroughs, Kohn’s operation has long been a target of the autonomists. He was recently exposed and his operation disassembled by unknown actors in what seems to be an elaborate media sting. Local citizens militias raided his brothel, and confiscated the server that the simulslavery was taking place on, but Kohn escaped, with some of the enslaved informorphs in tow.

Kohn’s current location, or if he is even in a physical morph, remains unknown.

Bannock Kohn

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