Dario Octavio

Martian Scion, Earth Survivor, Medic Philanthropist


Ego Age= 35
Morph= Olympian
Gender= Male
Morph age= 25

+Help others
+Thrill seeker

F rep= 50

ego languages= spanish, french, arabic, farsi/persian
network= media, hypercorp
art= dance, erotic entertainment
profession= post-apoc survival, social engineering, medical care
interest= old earth trivia
academics= xeno-linguistics


Martian Colonist born to Elite Octavio family, studied biotechnology and became a medic, traveled extensively, was on Earth during The Fall, trapped during quarantine, survived on Earth and was eventually evacuated with the help from Elite connections, became a philanthropist Face Icon, suffered from a crime Post-Fall (-10,000 crd), recruited by Firewall because of his skills, now suffers through the failure of a long-term life-partner relationship.

Dario Octavio

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