Frank Packard

Washed up alcoholic detective


Ego Age: 45
Ego Gender: Male

DD (feminine, meshed into gun): Noir secretary persona

Through his work with Direct Action, Frank has earned reputation in Hypercorp, Criminal, and Reclaimer, Researcher, Fame, and Autonomist networks:
@-rep: 20
c-rep: 40
e-rep: 35
f-rep: 20
g-rep: 35
r-rep: 20

Motivations: + Law & Order, + The Hunt, + Cherchez la Femme

His positive traits are an Eidetic memory (-10), Common Sense (-10), and Lvl 2 Pain Tolerance (-20). Negative traits are that he is Mental Disorder: OCD (10), has a moderate alcohol addiction (10), and a minor sexual masochism addiction (+5).


Frank Packard was born on Earth to a middle-class family and worked as a homicide detective in his early adulthood. His drinking caused problems in both his personal and professional life and he moved off-world at age 30 to start over/run away. He settled in Nectar on Luna and began working for Direct Action as a loss prevention investigator. Before long he was making a name for himself as an investigator, staying dry, and had even fallen in love with a beautiful and deadly Medusan Shield agent named Maria Santiago. Then the Fall ruined everything. Maria was on Earth when he lost contact with her. He started drinking again and it wasn’t long before he lost his job with Direct Action and ended up in the gutter. That’s when a Firewall recruiter approached him. Frank saw it as a way to find out what happened to Maria, and the recruiter was getting a solid and experienced investigator.

Like many Lunars, Frank has a strong prejudice against synths and has a fair amount of paranoia about seed AIs and TITANs. He is mildly resistant to implants and uses an archaic ecto mesh interface that is integrated with a pre-fall earth-made antique kinetic heavy pistol design called the Krueger 2k88 “Dishonorable Discharge.” He loves that gun almost as much as he loves the muse integrated with it.

After his head was either destroyed or stolen by Fiala O’Donnell during Bump In The Night, he resleeved into the gambling addict Dario Silvestri’s morph, which has been seized by Taurus Security. The first thing he did was get a shave and haircut to get the slovenliness under control as much as possible.

He has been stationed aboard the Aerostat Octavia keeping an eye on the Neo-Synergist colony there, but was recently told to get to Parvarti to meet a Firewall contact named Dwala Chatterjee who claimed to have some intel about Neo-Synergist activities. Unable to make contact, he is told to keep looking while Firewall assembles a team to assist as needed.

He is in longterm info-storage, deciding that the conclusion of his search was too depressing to exist alongside.

Frank Packard

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