Frederik Bo Severin Falk

Uplifted Neanderthal Barsoomian Combat Hacker & Async


Gender= Male
Ego Age = 46

Muse name: Sam (feminine), modelled after dead neanderthal friend.

+ Thrillseeking
+ Uplift Rights
+ Owning Systems

Languages: Swedish, English
Network: Autonomists, Criminal

Background: Created on Earth, Uplift, Hacker, Async, Depression, Barsoomian Movement


Frederik Bo Severin Falk was created in a bio-engineering lab in Umea, Sweden as one of the earliest examples of the Neanderthal Uplift. After outliving his usefulness as a profitable example of the advances of modern science, he was left to fend for himself on the streets. He quickly learned to fight for survival, and found a community among his fellow Uplifts. He developed a close friendship with a fellow Neanderthal Uplift, and together they educated themselves in electronics and hacking. They targeted the institutions of modern hypercapitalism, especially those which had helped to create him.

During the Fall, Frederik was infected by the Watts-MacLeod virus, gradually endowing him with async abilities. He and his friend managed to escape Earth and found refuge on Mars until the TITANs ended their attack and left the system. On Mars, Frederik continued to develop symptoms of Watts-MacLeod, feeling a growing connection with a distant, incomprehensible alien force. He eventually developed a recurring need to burrow into the ground and lay eggs, a condition that stifled his attempts to begin his post-Fall life.

Unable to cope with the new state of trans-humanity, his friend killed herself. Now faced with the near-extinction of life in the known universe, and the loss of his only support network, Frederik developed a deep, all-encompassing depression. Living on the fringes of Martian trans-human culture, Frederik found a new community, and new hope, within the Barsoomian movement on Mars, and lent his hacking and technological skills to aiding their cause. After discovering another async, Arevig Berkowicz , lived in the community, Frederik trained under her and developed his psi skills as another weapon in support of Barsoomian interests.

In order to help a group of friends in need, Frederik took on an indenture contract from interests on Extropia, but violated it by fleeing and hiding out during an intense bout of depression. He is still waiting for the contractual debt to be called in.

Currently traveling via spacecraft from Mars to Venus as an emissary of the Barsoomians, in order to see what he can learn from/about the new Morningstar Constellation bloc. He has been told by Firewall that, should there be any trouble during the trip or his time on Venus, he is to contact another sentinel named Pran Jai Neelam Ajit Avninder.

His original birth neanderthal morph was recently lost on Venus during Airborne Exegesis, when he missed a jump from one aircraft to another, and none of his teammates caught him.

Frederik Bo Severin Falk

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