Heng Ling

Disgraced Art Therapist


Gender= Neutral
Ego Age= 21

-AGI Rights

C Rep= 50

ego languages= mandarin
network= scientists, hypercorp
art= drawing
profession= skip trace, psychotherapy, appraisal, con schemes, law
interest= morph
academics= xeno-genetics, psychology, post-fall history

Quick background: Survivalist, Earth Born, Martian Colonist, Venusian Bioconservative Enclave, Criminal, Icon, Psychotherapist


Born on Earth before The Fall to a Chinese precariat class family. At age 7 Heng was forced into a convenience-based contract-defined romantic relationship on Mars where Heng enjoyed a privileged homesteader lifestyle and became a skilled Con Artist. Killed during The Fall by a rival faction/hypercorp/government… but they don’t know which one!

Resleeved into a Splicer morph by the Venusian hypercorp Nimbus and studied psychosurgery on the Aerostat Octavia. Had a successful psychotherapy practice on the habitat and gained some local fame (“Icon” status) from breakthroughs using therapeutic art. Heng was blackmailed/manipulated by a Venusian bioconservative faction that gained access to Heng’s client’s personal information. Heng’s psychological abilities were used to identify & track faction rivals (as an ego hunter).

Heng accidentally encountered a Firewall operative during an ego hunt and was recruited. Heng is currently sleeved into a Nova-Crab podmorph and assigned techie gear, Heng’s current job/pursuits place them in danger: Firewall has had Heng keeping an eye on the Neo-Synergists aboard Octavia on Venus, taking over for Frank Packard.

Heng Ling

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