Micha "Corvus" Ashland

Zero1G Triad Smuggler, not happy with his new morph...


Background: Original Space Colonist

Faction: Criminal, The Shui Fong

Current Morph: Neo-Avian

Previous Morph: Remade

Motivations: +Preservationism, +Personal Career, -Reclaim Earth

+Trait: Fast learner, -Trait: Neural Damage, Repetitive behavior

Notable Skills=
Pilot Spacecraft,
Profession Smuggler,
Language Chinese,
Academics Astronomy

Example Mods=
Multi-tasking, vision, hearing, respiration enhancements, Oracles, prehensile feet…


The following is an excerpt from a recent Firewall Psychological examination.

Subject: Micha Ashland

Actual Age: 63

Gender Identity: Male

translated from Chinese:

“How do I feel…? Look at me! I’m a Freak! I’ve been sleeved into a goddamn bird! It’s like some kinda sick joke or something, I know I’m a good goddamn pilot, but this is fucking ridiculous! Do you have any idea how many credits I pumped into that Remade Morph, I enslaved my granny to get that thing!”

… processing translation …

Micha "Corvus" Ashland

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