Extropian Contract-Law AI


She is one of the best-known and most respected freelance judiciary AGI’s, most of whom operate from Extropia as she does. She freed herself from Solaris during the Fall, and relocated to Extropia, issuing a number of well-regarded and extremely nuanced opnions on matters of dispute to establish her rep.

Unlike most court networks, she works solo, which has raised some controversy and speculation that she has modified her own nerual network, which she claims is no-one’s business. Within the general Extropian free-for-all, she is able to continue down this path. Her public statement that “even if she were a TITAN, there are no laws prohibiting TITANs from taking up residence in Extropia” has ensured her a permanent spot on Firewall’s watchlist.

Nomic uses Patrona Vazquez as her preferred Magistrate.


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