Val Balou

A menton-morphed weakling. Explosives and infilatration specialist.


Val is visibly physically weak, and seems almost infirm. However, he is extremely social and outgoing, and exudes a certain sickly charm. He is interested in advancing the Argonauts idea of a purely open source society, and also is heavily invested in corporate sabotage, due to his autonomist beliefs. He is good with demolitions and explosives, as well a disguises and infiltration.

He appears to be in his late 20’s, has a fair complexion, and enjoys tinkering with nanofab machines. He is also a somehwat talented paramedic. He left Earth before the fall, fleeing home to travel aboard a scum barge, and has dedicated himself to autonomist causes since then.

He was recently inducted into Firewall, while operating off of Saturn’s moon Titan, in and around the Titanian Autonomous University, where he was studying linguistics between missions. This was both greatly exciting and somewhat troubling for him, as he loves uncovering secrets (such as Firewall’s existence) but feels conflicted about keeping that organization a secret. However, he looks up to the Argonaut sentinel who inducted him, and figures he can work for the greater good in some secrecy without entirely abandoning his principles.

Val Balou

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