Tag: Argonaut


  • Val Balou

    Val is visibly physically weak, and seems almost infirm. However, he is extremely social and outgoing, and exudes a certain sickly charm. He is interested in advancing the [[Argonauts | Argonauts]] idea of a purely open source society, and also is heavily …

  • Magnus Ming

    Ming is the respected chair of Computational Archeology at *TAU* and a prominent [[Argonauts | Argonaut]]. He is also a [[Firewall]] router, who was in charge of the hunt for the [[Song Cai Flower | Song Cai Flower]].

  • Tara Yu

    [[Firewall]] sentinel and infiltration expert, and staff member at *TAU*. Exceptionally paranoid. Recently suffered a traumatic death aboard the [[Song Cai Flower | Song Cai Flower]], and has chosen not to resleeve for a while due to over a month of …

  • Chi Rokuzawa

    A radical and extreme fork and merging experimental scientist, based on Titan. Fairly controversial, but also somewhat respected for her devotion. She helped [[:dulce-lena-moreno | Dulce Lena Moreno]] merge her backup and partial egos on Mars.

  • Lena Andropov

    Rescued by [[The Stars Our Destination | The Stars Our Destination]] from old Ukraine, she has remained loyal since. She is the swarm's main engineer. Standoffish and impatient, but brilliant.