Tag: Autonomist


  • Val Balou

    Val is visibly physically weak, and seems almost infirm. However, he is extremely social and outgoing, and exudes a certain sickly charm. He is interested in advancing the [[Argonauts | Argonauts]] idea of a purely open source society, and also is heavily …

  • Morteza Bey

    A broccoli enthusiast and freelance hacker, located in [[Xiu's Greenhouse | Xiu's Greenhouse]]. They recently suffered a traumatic death and resleeving. Member of the [[Variegationist]] [[Reclaimers | Reclaimer]] sect.

  • Kalbir Singh

    One of the founders of [[The Stars Our Destination | The Stars Our Destination]] swarm, he was the security worker on the *Lunar* facility who originally smuggled out XP-casts of the terrible worker conditions there and got the [[EDF Collective | EDF …