Tag: Infostate


  • Zanzibar Tranh

    Zanzibar Tranh started life as an alpha fork of the dangerous crime lord Calloway Tranh. Calloway was a feared member of the Septimus Canton triad who specialized in blackmail and extortion starting at about 25 B.F. His specialty was hacking farcasts and …

  • Maria Santiago

    Gave up on life due to an extended post-Fall existential crisis. Might have seen something on a [[Medusan Shield]] op on an exoplanet that triggered the decision. Ex-lover of [[:frank-packard | Frank Packard]]. In info-storage currently.

  • Fiala O'Donnell

    Banished from the [[Night Cartel | Night Cartel]], and presumably having fled [[Parvarti | Parvarti]] following the events of [[Bump In The Night | Bump In The Night]]. She was last seen sleeved in a angular-featured Scandinavian Fury morph. She appears …