Tag: Locus


  • Mason Wang

    A pompous wunderkind programmer. Resides in a private hab near to Locus. Member of [[Blue Pod]]. [[:anna-cornucopia | Anna]] recommended him (and Blue Pod) in general, for [[Firewall]] observation/contact based on their interest in TITAN's and "the vector …

  • Antoin Saul

    [[Variegationist | Variegationist]] operating out of [[Locus | Locus]]. Helped the team hunt down [[:dexter-vo | Dexter Vo]].

  • Nia Zheng

    Formerly known as Sammy Li, Nia fled the [[Song Cai Flower | Song Cai Flower]] and the *White Khans* when things started getting weird with [[:dexter-vo | Dexter Vo]]. Luckily for Nia, she avoided exsurgent infection due to this, although with Vo on the …

  • Letitia Barrow

    Agreed to release [[:frederik-bo-severin-falk | Frederik Bo Severin Falk's]] suicide experia on her boutique label.