Tag: Mars


  • Dario Octavio

    Martian Colonist born to Elite Octavio family, studied biotechnology and became a medic, traveled extensively, was on Earth during The Fall, trapped during quarantine, survived on Earth and was eventually evacuated with the help from Elite connections, …

  • Arevig Berkowicz

    [[Barsoomians | Barsoomian]] female, friends with [[:frederik-bo-severin-falk | Frederik Bo Severin Falk]]. Hiding out in the wastelands due to being wanted by [[Stellar Intelligence | Stellar Intelligence]].

  • Pio Clautier

    Employed by [[Cognite]] in an unspecified "special projects" division. Created [[:anna-cornucopia | Anna Cornucopia]] in concert with some U of Mars colleagues, pre-Fall, and managed to smuggle her safely offworld (minus her memories) to preserve her " …