Tag: Nine Lives


  • Fiala O'Donnell

    Banished from the [[Night Cartel | Night Cartel]], and presumably having fled [[Parvarti | Parvarti]] following the events of [[Bump In The Night | Bump In The Night]]. She was last seen sleeved in a angular-featured Scandinavian Fury morph. She appears …

  • Roland Nazon

    The leader of [[Nine Lives | Nine Lives]], he drove himself crazy via *ascension merging.* Luckily (?) he made a stable copy of himself to oversee the whole process, who uses the name [[:ellegua | Ellegua]] and is the real power behind the throne.

  • Lam Cong Dong

    Hacker and info-gatherer for [[Nine Lives | Nine Lives]]. Allied with [[:betrand-theo | Betrand Theo]] to push for a less brutal, more integrated organization. This puts her in opposition to the [[Legba | Legba-based]] factions.

  • Betrand Theo

    Social infiltration specialist in [[Nine Lives | Nine Lives]], leader of the least brutal faction. Very slick and fashionable. Allied with [[:lam-cong-dong | Lam Cong Dong]] against the [[Legba | Legba-based]] factions.

  • Su Wu

    Superstitious leader of the most brutal faction on [[Legba | Legba]]. Loyal to [[Nine Lives | Nine Lives]] leader [[:roland-nazon-1 | Roland Nazon]]. This often puts him at odds with [[:betrand-theo | Betrand Theo]] and [[:lam-cong-dong | Lam Cong Dong …

  • Ellegua

    The power behind the throne, literally. A stable copy of [[:roland-nazon-1 | Roland Nazon]], who oversees (and puppets) the "real" Nazon. Neotenic morph.