Tag: Scum


  • Bannock Kohn

    Kohn was, until recently, a shadowy player in the black market on Phelan's End, a beehive habitat in the [[Scum Swarm | scum armada]] known as [[Phelan's Recourse | Phelan's Recourse]]. Kohn specialized in enslaving infomorphs and working them …

  • Endo Apsol

    Apsol is a bouncer morphed male, and seems like a long-time spacer. He captains a cargo/passenger ship which is based on Titan and frequently does supply runs to and from [[Phelan's Recourse | Phelan's Recourse]].

  • Orly

    Orly was part of the pirate raiding party aboard the 'Outlander' who attacked the 'Does Not Compute' in an attempt to capture or kill the [[Firewall]] sentinels. She was captured along with a few other pirates, and most of the rest of the crew was killed, …

  • Landon Markus

    Sleeved in a buff (and enormours) olympian morph, Landon prides himself in appearance and presentation, and is covered in scarification and nanotats. He works odd security jobs around [[Parvarti]] while making his name as greco-roman wrestler in fighting …

  • Jane Erdos

    Chimp uplift aboard [[The Stars Our Destination | The Stars Our Destination]], the swarm's best doctor. Fled near-slavery conditions in the Inner System. Shy and solitary, and not overtly ideological.

  • Francois LeClerc

    A pretentious but well-informed culture and art critic aboard [[The Stars Our Destination | The Stars Our Destination]]. Avian uplift who fled Mars due to the constant disrespect for his work there. Favors a black beret and a jaunty red scarf tossed …

  • Lena Andropov

    Rescued by [[The Stars Our Destination | The Stars Our Destination]] from old Ukraine, she has remained loyal since. She is the swarm's main engineer. Standoffish and impatient, but brilliant.

  • Barking Dog

    Brash young *Dogonaut* aboard [[The Stars Our Destination | The Stars Our Destination]]. Has good hookups, but is developing a rep for unreliability. Seems to have gone out of her way to make her high-class sylph morph look absurd and ridiculous.