Bahala Na

A Filipino gang that managed to abscond en-masse with some purloined spacecraft during the Fall, they are the one and only criminal syndicate allowed to operate on The Stars Our Destination swarm.

After some early missteps, they learned to stay within the autonomist guidelines of where antisocial behavior becomes problematic, and have taken on the role of couriers and local operatives for the the other various syndicates.

They only directly hassle outsiders/passengers, rather than full swarm members. They have lately been getting some pushback from the Triads who are trying to gain a foothold, and have taken over one of the cargo haulers.

Their name translates as “Come What May” and they are identifiable by a prominent question mark tattoo on the face or hands. Older members tend to have physical tattoos while the newer members prefer nano-tats.

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Bahala Na

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