Memes: Anti-slavery, Martian Independence, Martian Nationalism, Terraforming Control
Main Stations: Ashoka (Mars)

With a name purloined from some old-Earth scifi classics, the Barsoomians are the organization of the Martian underclass, advocating for a more egalitarian social system on Mars. This often puts them at odds with the hypercorps and the Planetary Consortium. Terraforming decisions, Martian Gate control, and widespread use of indentured servitude are their main issues.

The Barsoomian faction has the most support in the poorer habs on Mars, away from the wealthy hypercorp cities, and amongst the synthmorph & ruster equipped Martians who wander the partially terraformed surface outside of the controlled evirons of the cities and habs. Barsoomians range from active saboteurs to the merely discontented, and leaders are often targeted by hypercorp reprisal raids.

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