Station Type: Beehive
Allegiance: Extropian
Primary Languages: Cantonese, English, Russian, Spanish
Population: 10,000,000
Residents: Nomic, Patrona Vazquez

The home station of the Extropian contract-law libertarians, it is the largest hab in the Main Belt. All economies/currencies are used there, and it is seen as an unofficial neutral ground between the Inner and Outer system Factions. Built on an asteroid between Mars’ and Jupiter’s orbits. At .02 G, the inside of the hab makes use of all available surfaces in the large areas, connected by mazes of tunnels difficult for non-locals to navigate without assistance. There are also numerous tin can and dome habs attached to the surface, as well as numerous neighboring ‘suburb’ habs.

Home to some of the fiercest and earliest supporters of transhumanism, the closest thing to an official motto is “anything goes.” Revelling in advancements and self-experimentation, many Extropians see themselves as having avoided both the Planetary Consortium’s antiquated systems and the Autonomist’s stuffy mores. Conscious, constant, proactive evolution is seen as the only way forward.

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