Members: Magnus Ming, Tara Yu, Dwala Chatterjee

The secret conspiracy that works to protect transhumanity from “existential threats” (risks to transhumanity’s continued existence, or X-Risks). They are cross-factional, including members from as many different factions, regions, and organizations as possible. Mission personnel are known as Sentinels and are largely kept in the dark about big-picture stuff, and usually only know of other Firewall Sentinels in their cell. The exception is the Proxy who runs them- Proxies are the next step up the Firewall pseudo-hierarchy, and have access to more info and intel. They maintain Firewall’s decentralized structure and assign missions to (and occasionally recruit) Sentinels. Proxies play a number of different roles, the one that Sentinels encounter is the Router. The Router coodrinates and oversees missions, activates Sentinels as needed, and acquires supplies or gear as they see fit.

Rumored to have some connection to the Prometheans, a mysterious group said to have protected transhumanity during the Fall.

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