Memes: Species autonomy, Uplift rights
Main Stations: Glitch (Neptune), Hidden Sea (Ceres), Mahogany (Uranus)

The non-human part of transhumanity: uplifts and AGI’s. This faction also includes human supporters. Uplifts primarily seek out expanded civil rights and autonomy, as they are 2nd-class citizens (or worse) in many jurisdictions. Anthropocentrism in brain design and upbringing, breeding restrictions, and forced servitude are some of the other main issues. Corps like Somatek are sometimes targeted by extremists who believe that uplifting itself is immoral.

AGI’s are largely fighting paranoia & restrictions on their very existence, although some AGI’s retain status as media icons, and others have hired lobbyists to encourage tolerance. Many activists work against anthropocentrism in AI programming, and some even argue that programming and self-improvement restrictions should be eliminated entirely.

There is Firewall intel of some sort of AGI sub-faction called Sybils, which has provided warnings of disastrous hab system failures and impending attacks. It is unclear what their involvement in these events is, but they merit watching.

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