New Religions

Neo-buddhism: The only pe-Fall religion enjoying continuing growth. They assert that transhuman tech is limiting human suffering while increasing happiness, and that successive lives will lead to greater understanding.

Techno-creationists: They believe that the destruction of Earth was a sign from God(s), and that transhumanity needs to use tech advancement and social engineering to achieve enligthenment, as well as equivalence with advanced AI’s and any (formerly or currently) existing extra-terrestrial intelligences. Due to this end point sounding like the Brahmin, they enjoy a steady influx of Hindu converts.

Xenodeism: A minor religion, they worship the Factors and the Iktomi. They see them as emissaries or prophets of a millenia-old creator or great godlike race that laid the seeds of life and creation throughout the universe. They are primarily former monotheists.

What limited knowledge there is of the various Exsurgent Virus Stains plays a part in the higher mysteries of both xeno-deism and techno-creationism.

Other religions:

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New Religions

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