Nine Lives

Main Stations: Legba (Main Belt)
Religion: Lapriye
Members: Roland Nazon

This widespread network of soul-traders specializes in the acquisition and trafficking of transhuman egos. Stealing backups, forknapping, and intercepting egocasts are all part of their repertoire. Nine Lives are known to run illegal fork-slave colonies as well as organize pit fights with all manner of physical bodies (synthetic shells, pods, uplifts, smart animals) and all manner of egos (human, AI, animal, etc). Although they have one of the largest darkcast networks, due to their reputation only the truly desperate make use of their services voluntarily.

There are 3 primary internal factions, as well as numerous small crews/families. They are the Rada Nanchon, the most numerous faction which makes up the bulk of the rank and file, the Ghede Nanchon, the most brutal faction who are Nazon’s personal army, and the most brutal within the syndicate, and the Petro Nanchon, the most business and corp-oriented of the 3, as well as the smallest. The Petro and Ghede clash over the syndicates direction.

The syndiacte is in a protracted turf war with the ID Crew on Extropia and elsewhere.

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Nine Lives

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