Planetary Consortium

Memes: Corporatism, Cyberdemocracy, Gerontocracy, Hypercapitalism, Eugenics, Security, Expansion
Main Stations: Progress (Deimos) , Elysium (Mars)
Prominent Hypercorp Council Members: Cognite, Direct Action, Experia, Fa Jing, Pathfinder, Prosperity Group, Solaris, Stellar Intelligence

The Planetary Consortium is an alliance of hypercorporate interests that jointly controls a number of stations and habitats, particularly in the inner system. The Consortium maintains a facade of democratic rule, facilitated by real-time online referendum voting, and a congress stuffed with media icons, socialites, gerontocrats, and politicos, but it is an open secret that the hypercorps call the shots. Bio-supremacists, advocating for applied eugenics to reclaim transhumanities strength and prosperity.

Financial and ideological security within PC spheres of influence is overseen by the ever-growing beauracracy called Oversight.

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Planetary Consortium

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