Memes: Asceticism, Eugenics, Objectivism, Idividualism, Militarism, Social Darwinism
Major Stations: Aspis (Main Belt), Xiphos (Uranus)

This controversial faction uses applied eugenics to further its goal, the development of the ultimate transhuman species. Aside from sophisticated reprogenetic engineering and strict psychological training, their culture visualizes life in the universe as an evolutionary battle for survival and is built around the victory of the superior transhuman over its peers. Commonly viewed as elitist (at best) and fascistic (at worst). They often hire out as mercs and private security.

They have access to the Dischord Gate on Eris, providing security for the Go-Nin Group, the current owners, and rumors are that they are considering a move on the Fissure Gate.

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