Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

Aboard 'Does Not Compute'

A deadly cruise

Anna, Corvus, Nataly and Zanzibar board the scum freighter ‘Does Not Compute’, after briefly meeting the captain, Endo Apsol. He seems busy getting the ship loaded, as does the crew. Corvus spots some common smuggling mods on the exterior, but can’t get a read on what they might be smuggling.

Anna and Nataly socialize once underway, and Anna meets a fan from the party the previous night, who turns out to be another Firewall sentinel who was tasked with helping them out on the voyage and investigation. He introduces himself as Val, he is a weak looking menton morph who has an interest in explosives and an open source society. Meanwhile, Corvus locates some likely smugglung hidy-holes, and Zanzibar soothes his own stress in accelerated simulspace.

Nataly finds some drug tea, and they all take it in their private cabin, while getting to know one another. They crash for the night, and awaken to the news that the ‘DNC’ has received a distress call from another ship, The Outlander, which they are investigating. This will take them a bit off course, but should not delay their arrival by more than half a day.

They match orbits and connect a docking tube with the other ship, a dozen or so passenger small craft. Not super fancy, and experiencing massive engine failure, according to the comms chatter that Corvus intercepts. Corvus and Zanzibar decide to hide in a smuggling compartment, just in case, but are spotted by an alet crew member, and instead wait near the door to the docking bay.

As the ‘DNC’ crew equalize pressure and open the blast gate, they are rushed by raiders from the other ship in armored vacsuits. Simultaneously, an explosion from the engine room rocks the ‘DNC’. Saboteurs! Corvus seals the blast door to the docking bay, as Anna, Nataly, and Val rush out into the hall from their cabin. Zanazibar hides nearby. The team comes under fire from two camo cloaked figures whom they eventually recognize as fellow passengers. After a deadly firefight, Corvus, Zanzibar, and one of the enemies are unconscious, and the raiders blow through the door. Everyone else retreats into the cabin and seals the entrance.

They discover an explosive planted within, which Val disarms and uses to blow a hole in the hull. Anna makes for the enemy ship through vacuum, while Nataly freaks out, rushes into the hall, shoots some raiders, and is felled. Val drags her back, and Zanzibar’s monkey hauls him out the hole in the hull. Nataly and Val also slip out, after Val sets an explosive trap for any who follow. Anna emptily threatens (on a public channel) to blow up both ships if the attackers do not back down. She receives no response from the raiders, but the Captain of the ‘DNC’ requests strongly that she does not follow through. Her @-rep and g-rep also take instant hits.

The team hears an explosion as they cross the hull, and assume the trap has gone off. They exchange fire with some pursuers while reaching the enemy ship. Nataly blasts a hole in the tube connecting the two, and drops in. The team exchanges more fire with raiders returning to their vessel with Corvus’ body. They drop them, and regain Corvus.

Anna enters the enemy ship, followed by the rest of the team, as Val disengages from the ‘DNC’. They start spinning away, and Val gets the exteior door shut. They hear two thuds on the hull, and the door slides open, but they manage to bkast the two pursuers off into space in a hail of bullets. Meanwhile, Anna and Nataly reach the cockpit and get it open, having found no opposition aboard the ship.

They communicate with the Captain of the ‘DNC’ who tells them that his security teams have rounded up the dead and unconscious raiders and bound and secured them. They manage to eventually convince the Captain that Anna’s bomb threat was a ruse, and manage to calm the Captain down a bit. They examine each others hulls and, seemingly free of raiders, try to plan what to do next.



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