Dulce Lena Moreno

Famous Science Baby


Name: “Dulce” Lena Moreno
Current Age: 25
Current Morph: Sylph
Gender Identity: Lady
Visible Gender: Ladylike

Muse: Pelinho, modelled on favorite child uplift puppy.

Motivations: +Personal Career, +Uplift Rights, +Helping the Helpless


Dulce Lena was born in Rio de Janeiro, on Earth. She was the child of a pair of famous scientists who were known for their glamorous lifestyles as well as their extremely camera-friendly early uplift experiments. (Who doesn’t like adorable puppies with vocal modifications that allow them to say how much they love you?) Lena very quickly displayed an ability to work extremely well with these animals, and was a media darling, nicknamed “Sweet Lena” by the various blogs and news sites. When she was 10, she was sent off to a small rimward research hab caled the Kepler to begin training in earnest to become a smart animal trainer and uplift scientist. There were some reports that this was an effort to cover up rumors that Sweet Lena was not, in fact, the biological child of her parents, and was a random street child swiped off the streets and engineered to be a science and media wunderkind. At the time, however, most of these notions were widely panned as crackpot conspiracy theories, and look at the puppies how cute! They can’t say spaghetti correctly! They say pasketti!

Lena was working aboard the Kepler during the Fall, and was one of the fortunate few who managed to escape completely untouched by the TITANs. Perhaps it was because of the distance, or perhaps it was due to the relatively unimportant research that was going on at the facility. However, the devastating hysteria post-Fall revealed some information about the Moreno research facility in Brazil, namely that the adorable puppy experiments were only the cute, fuzzy tip of the disgusting and horrifying iceberg of unregulated uplift experimentation. As the current frenzy was blaming anyone and everyone for bringing the TITANs, some people on the relatively small and peaceful science hab believed that the Moreno’s experiments could have played a role, and Sweet Lena was essentially kicked out for her own safety.

Lena wandered coreward for a few years, ultimately falling in with an Enclave dedicating itself to the hedonism that was so prevalent post-Fall. With her striking good looks (thanks to her parents’ heavy investment in a Sylph morph) and her intellect, she was groomed to become a major face for the organization, and she played a major role in their social engineering projects. Her medical knowledge and skills certainly played a role as the nights of debauchery could, on occasion, turn rather violent.

After a while, she started to see that there was more to life than rampant hedonism, and she wanted to really rededicate herself to the cause of science, and particularly to redeem her family name. While the Morenos on Earth may have been blinded by the spotlight of fame and started going into questionable research, Sweet Lena herself was raised in the glare of the public eye, and knew that she could forge her own path in the scientific community, and succeed where her parents had failed. She left the relative safety of the Enclave and stuck out her own shingle as a freelance scientist and medical expert.

Unfortunately, a run-in with someone who disliked the Moreno research methods made her realize that not everyone likes “Sweet Lena”, and so she started to be a bit more secretive in her day-to-day. She’s still well aware of the cachet that her name brings, and most everyone who remembers her has pretty positive associations with her, but it pays to be careful.

Lena joined Firewall when a previous employer was discovered to be an Exhuman sympathizer. During the ensuing firefight, Lena was able to use her quick-thinking and science background to neutralize a potentially lethal toxin, saving much of the Aerostat Lucifer from a grisly fate. Firewall appreciated her abilities, as well as the potential usefulness of her fame, and invited her to join their ranks.

After serving as a medic during the pro- Morningstar Constellation takeover of the Venusian mining aerostat Lucifer following the referendum, “Sweet” Lena moved on to Parvarti, where her skills both as a medic and a smart animal handler have come in useful, for supplying and treating the varied desires of Parvarti’s clientele. Her childhood fame provides a valuable novelty to some of her transactions.

Dulce Lena Moreno

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