Hong Wong

Geek with a Gun


Motivations: +Thrill-seeking, +DIY, +Science!

Ego age: 44
Ego gender: male

Muse: Siggy, Analyst, really concerned about Wong’s well-being. Skills: open-source, personal career, independence, psychosurgery

Languages: Mandarin, English

Faction: Skimmer (profession: gas mining & scavenging)

Trained in ranged weapons, piloting, and various technological pursuits.
(kinetic/beam/spray weapons, perception, fray, ground/air/spacecraft piloting, navigation, protocol, hardware: armorer, interfacing, programming +nanofab, infosec)

Hobbies include geeking out about biology and geoscience, general tinkering & repair, and sticking his nose where others don’t.
(academics: xenozoology/armorer, interest: habitats, research, scrounging)

His predilection for childlike wonderment sometimes seems more like childlike naiveté.
(Traits: real-world naiveté)

Got a little messed up down on Venus, but those bad memories have been excised… mostly!
(Traits: anomalous mind)

Saw something down there he wasn’t supposed to, and got on someone’s hit list.
(Traits: Enemy)

Blueprints: Automatic Rifle, Smartlink, Safety, Extended magazine, Smart magazine, Ammo (regular, armor-piercing, homing, bug)

Morph: Crasher


Hong Wong has always let his curious side get the best of him.

Born on earth to an affluent family, Hong spent much of his youth behind the secured walls of his enclave watching docuvids about faraway places, fearless explorers, and the (in)famous exploits of techie legends. When opportunity knocked, he escaped the confines of his comfortable but stifling prospects at home and joined a mercenary group that promised him a life of excitement.

Hong proved his worth in the cockpit and with a rifle. But his incessant knack for tinkering often got the attention of his superiors – sometimes landing him in trouble and sometimes with a promotion. Over the years, things started looking pretty good for Hong – more exciting assignments, greater access to resources, and more downtime – and then the Fall happened.

After a period frozen in cold storage, Hong was resleeved by a gas mining corp that thought his skills as a paramilitary mechanic would be useful on board the skimmer ships. He eventually negotiated a transfer to a mining operation run by the Morningstar Constellation in the Aerostat Lucifer. He opted for the more dangerous, but better paying, option of directly sleeving into a surface-capable morph, in order to speed up the acquisition of a morph of his own. Something happened down there, and he was recruited into Firewall, who paid the rest of his way into his current morph.

Having (somewhat successfully) edited his memories to escape the mental terror of whatever it was he uncovered on the surface of Venus, he has been taking a much needed break, sleeved into his very own morph for the first time in a decade. His travels have brought him to the independent aerostat Parvarti, where he has been pursuing a life of leisure, making up for lost time. He awaits word from Firewall on what to do next, lacking other employment and finally free of his indenture.

Hong Wong

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