A Lost sociopath, skilled in Psi


Ego Gender: Female
Faction: Ultimate
Actual Age: 7

Muse name: Petrovic

Motivations: Build network with famous people. Make people like and trust Iskra. Work for Firewall.

Patron: Ben Johanssen of Firewall

Languages: Russian, English, Cantonese


Iskra exists to compulsively make friends. Although striving to exceed with her social skills (augmented by her psi sleights), she also tries to build everyone around her up. Her social standing would be severly hampered if everyone found out she was constantly, compulsively reading their minds…..

She is a member of the Lost Generation, and relies on her patron to keep her safe from the various Factions actively hunting Lost children. She was infected with the Watts-MacLeod strain of Exsurgent Virus along with many other Lost youth at some point in their rearing. When in stressful situations, she often reverts to a persona known as “Nataly”, in a sort of schizophrenic break, and engages in basic fight/flight behavior, believing herself to be once again back in a Lost research facility, attempting to escape during the purge. She reverts to the Iskra personality once removed from the sourse of stress.

She recently designed and modeled an incredibly bleeding edge dress to wear to an ultra-posh nightclub near TAU, making important Titanian fashion contacts in the process. She then died repeatedly while tracking down some TITAN relics, and is now off to Venus, as her patron Ben Johanssen has transferred to that sphere.


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