Pran Jai Neelam Ajit Avninder

Earthborn Uplift Escapee. Goes by "PJ".


Ego Gender: Male

Age: 32

Muse name: Bruce, obsessed with 1900’s noir.

Current Motives:
+ Self-Preservation
+ Uplift Rights
- Bioconservatism

Picture an auto mechanic in a no-nonsense jumpsuit.

Brief Character History:
-Hyper-Elite Scion, Earthborn Created-Not-Born
-Uplift Escapee
-Childhood injuries
-Civilian Activist (Mercurial)
-Faction: Criminal
-Faction: Bioconservative
-Caught & Punished for a crime, conditioned
-Uncovered Conspiracy, met a Factor
-Recruited and relocated to Venus by Firewall


Pran was uplifted from neo-avian stock on Earth by the Indian branch of Somatek in 22BF. At the age of 19, having suffered many years of physical abuse in the form of scientific testing and labor servitude, he managed to escape to Western Europe.

He was rescued by an activist group, and came to believe that uplifting other species was unethical, based on his own experiences as a test subject.

Due to his anti-uplift beliefs, he tried to get in with hardline bio-conservatives, who wouldn’t have him due to his being an uplift. Rejection!

The Fall offered Pran a chance for redemption and a renewed purpose in life, as he found himself naturally adept at destroying TITAN machines.

His skills as a wrecker were recognized by the criminal faction Nine Lives, and they hired him to use his TITAN expertise to retrieve cortical stacks from fallen stations and habitats.

During this period, he fell in with an extreme wing of the Mercurials who accepted him as an uplift while condoning his beliefs that uplifting was a crime against the subject.

One cortical stack retrieval mission went horribly wrong, and he was caught by Direct Action. Looking into his history, they saw a lot of anti-uplift motives, and decided to punish him by conditioning him with an extreme pro-uplift stance, which he is now compelled to express whenever the subject comes up. Pran is not aware of this conditioning, but his muse is.

Pran was brought along as an aircraft pilot on a Nine Lives job to the McClintock station (orbiting Mars), a private Ecologene station, where the mission was to interrupt a meeting between Ecologene and a representative of the Factors, and kidnap the Factor.. He decided to intervene, and spoiled the kidnapping, and in the process, briefly met the Factor. He was captured, and recruited by Firewall, who decided they had use of him as a sentinel.

Firewall decided to remove Pran from Mars, as they are worried about Nine Live’s interference or vengeance, and relocated him to Venus, with the attraction of Mercurial like-minded folk. He was told that, should there be trouble, he should meet up with another sentinel named Frederik Bo Severin Falk.

Pran recently began preferring the name PJ, to distance himself from his slave upbringings.

Pran Jai Neelam Ajit Avninder

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