Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

A Server is Born

Extropian Excess

PJ, newly promoted to Proxy from Sentinel due to his survival instincts and reliability, gets tasked with being the router for a new server based on Extropia, called “Invisible Hand.” He gets a feeling from the other proxies assigned to the server that this may be a dumping ground for some of Firewall’s more controversial or difficult members. They seem like a skilled and interesting bunch though so here’s hoping….

PJ is tasked with training and managing a new cell of Sentinels (Dr Ship, Nikki, Paz, RedDog), all recently recruited, who either live on Extropia or have travelled or resleeved there, including 2 who were aboard the recently arrived “Stars our Destination” swarm. They make contact and get their Firewall “starter pack”: fakes ID’s, VPN, anonymizers, etc. The new arrivals adjust to the strangeness of Extropia and sing up for the various serrvice contracts needed to exist there.

They all get quickly called up for a possibly x-risk- a local chef has acquired some unknown biomaterial from an exhuman rarities dealer who Firewall has been keeping an eye on. They manage to finagle tickets to the event, at the Helm Hotel in Progress Plaza, and try to figure out how to intercept the package. They swing by a scratch space first to grab gear left by the last team of sentinels active here and lose the chance to intercept before the package is in the kitchen, however.

After a series of aborted attempts and light failures, they eventually make their way back into the kitchen and get into a brawl with the various forks of the chef, as well as event security, but have stirred up the crowd outside with memetics so security is pretty distracted. They rig up a flamethrower out of kitchen items and burn and then explode the extruder room along with the 5 morhps (3 chefs and 2 sec) who had the misfortune to come into contact with the pink slime from the package.

During the explosion there is some worry that Paz might have gotten infected, but he scans clear and it looks like he didn’t ingest or come into direct skin contact with any on playback. Their server gets a slight rep boost, and they get leads on the next couple things Firewall wants them to look into.



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