Far Beyond the Reach of Earth

Stacks on Stacks

Looking for a Lost Sentinel

Dr. Ship

Paz splits off to get some serious scans to ensure no pink slime infection, and the rest of the cell starts looking into rumors that a local news agency is looking to expand into investigative journalism and has some secret info on Firewall.

They find that this is true, and piece together the story: an ID Crew-affiliated soul trader acquired a stack from a sentinel that wasn’t properly reported lost to Firewall. This was one incident that lead to the previous Extropian server’s deletion, and the mind-wiping/alteration of most of the sentinels and a few of the proxies, many of whom were believed to have become far too Extropian in outlook and loyalty.

The soul trader, eventually recognizing that he had valuable data, has been parsing it out to the reporter without revealing his ID or location. The team tracks his safehouse/lab down with some clever tracking, hacking, and social engineering. They raid it and ko the soul trader, recover a number of additional stacks as well, and destroy his onsite backups and data storage.

They report it all to their Filter, who with Nikki’s help spins it to the reporter as Project Ozma being the real threat, with Firewall not really being a serious player. He buys it. They also spin the action at the soul trader’s place as being a 9 Lives action vs. their foes, the ID Crew, which plays well locally and catches on. Yemaja is very excited about their acquisition of extra stacks, and takes possession of them via courier. RedDog nearly gets captured/killed by Medusan Shield while fleeing, but PJ successfully ambushes the security drone and they get away.



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