Main Stations: Qing Long (Martian Trojans)

The only syndicate that survived the Fall almost unscathed, the Triads dominate the solar system’s underworld by their sheer membership size and a history of centuries of economic and political influence, as well as the masses of Chinese workers involved in much early space expansion. Having evolved into legit enterprises and small economic consortiums before the Fall, the Triads had the resources to ensure their survival during the evacuation from Earth and the connections throughout all major habitats to gain a foothold early on in the colonization of space. Triads engage in black, grey, & red markets, as well as a number of legit venues and fronts.

There are 4 main, competing, Triad factions who all have system-wide influence, often contracting out to smaller local triads in habs where they don’t have a proper presence:
14k Triad
Shui Fong
Sun Yee On
Big Circle Gang

Triad Society

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